5 Reasons You Should Start Grilling and Smoking Right Now

Cooking outside is an American tradition. There’s something just so basic about it that feels right. When we put aside all the fancy kitchen tools and stoke a fire, it’s like returning to an ancient version of ourselves, when it was man versus nature.

Like anything else, grilling and smoking takes practice. But it’s easier than you think. If you’ve always wanted to be an expert griller and smoker, don’t be intimidated! Here’s why you should start grilling and smoking right now.

1. Outdoor cooking is easy clean up

start grilling and smoking

Cooking outdoors means you make a smaller mess inside. There are fewer pots and pans to clean. Food comes right off the grill and on to your plates, so there’s less serving dishes to use. You basically cook everything with the same spatula and tongs. Cleaning the cooker just means scrapping off the meal’s residue.

Plus, since you don’t need a lot of equipment, you can fire up your cooker and start cooking quickly.

2. Outdoor cooking is versatile

start grilling and smoking

A lot people make the mistake of thinking that grills are just for meat. Sure, people cook a lot of burgers, hot dogs and chicken on outdoor cookers, but they cook just about anything. Just like your oven, they are a heavy-duty heat source. You can cook fish, vegetables, fruit (yes, fruit!), and cook anything in a pot (soups, stews, pasta, etc.).

3. Outdoor cooking is a conversation piece

start grilling and smoking

Stand in front of your cooker and you’ll attract a crowd of family and friends who want to know what’s inside, how you’ve seasoned your food, and when they’ll get to eat it. People are drawn to grills and smokers because they don’t get to eat grilled/smoked food often.

4. You cook with less fat

start grilling and smoking

When you grill or smoke food, the fat drops off and burns away, but the foot still retains its flavor and juiciness. This means you’re meals will be lower in fat content than if you cooked them in your oven.

5. Summer is almost upon us

start grilling and smoking

When you first start with your outdoor cooker, you are going to make some mistakes. Everyone does. It’s better to get those mistakes out of the way before you host your first summer BBQ. Pick up your cooker now so you can practice on your family and close friends before you have a party. Summer is just around the corner!

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