Corporate Profile


Business Name: The Smoker Broker Corporation

Business Address: 415 Trimble Crescent, Saskatoon

Phone: 306-880-5427


Company Overview


The Smoker Broker began operations in 2013 by two successful entrepreneurs with a passion for sharing their knowledge of all things BBQ.  Our goal is to empower retailers to bring their customers a world-class experience with BBQ.  We do this by providing retailers with brands that we feel (and know from experience) are the best in the market while offering the best support in knowledge and customer service.  As a result of working with The Smoker Broker, retailers are able to gain the best knowledge to make purchasing decisions that will mirror the wants and needs of customers – leading to increased sales, retailer credibility, and more.


Mission Statement


To provide Canada with the best BBQ resources the world has to offer and do away with the term ‘BBQ Season’ in Canada.


Why Partner With Us


  • Responsive and Affordable: We are relatively small and, thus, are more responsive without adding cost of big brand distributors.
  • Full-Service Marketing: We have our own marketing team to sell the products which alleviates your workload and helps increase product awareness leading to sales.
  • Expertise and Resources: We know the Canadian BBQ market and offer the best resources for maximum market penetration.
  • True Partners and Relationship: We never look at our brands as a commodity; we treat our brands as partners.  We are relational distributors in a sense; our partnerships are formed and nurtured with the highest of standards and motivation to help you succeed.
  • Increase Sales: We offer the best BBQ equipment and knowledge in the business which translates into happy customers and sales.


Product Lines


One of the main product lines we exclusively distribute is from Yoder Smokers – whose products we consider to be the best in the business. How can we be sure they’re the best? Because we have been using them ourselves for years and can attest to the consistency, quality and great versatility of these grills. We may not be professional chefs, but with the help and ease of our Yoder Smokers, our food flavor profiles and overall taste begs to differ.


We also appreciate that Yoder Smokers took the time with R&D, perfecting their pellet grills to deliver the same quality as their heavy-duty wood fired pits.  Their quality products ensure everyone can have competition-grade BBQ right in their own backyards.  That’s something we could get behind.


Next Steps


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